Here we look at Clove oil for Toothache and does it actually work?

It has been proven that Clove Oil could work in the initial eleviation of toothache pain, as it core ingredient is "eugenol" which has antiseptic and analgesic properties. Indeed Clove Oil used to be used in dentistry for it's analgesic properties.

Again, although Clove Oil is classed as a home remedy for toothache there are certain things to be considered before using it.

Firstly, as with anything it is not a good idea to over use Clove Oil, as if too much is ingested it can have some minor side effects – upset stomach, in more severe cases it can affect the respiritory system - so always use in moderation. In the research we carried out, we found that certain people thought that just because it wasn't classed as a drug they could use as much as they liked. Also, they thought that it would not be harmful if ingested.

Once you realise just how to use it and how frequently there are very few home remedies on the market that better it.

1. Try to use a cotton wool swab, rather than your finger, as you minimise the bacteria being placed onto the already infected area.

2. If the area is harder to reach, try a cotton wool bud, but be careful not to put too much pressure on the offending area. If you have to use your finger tip, wash it first.

3. Use sparingly, that is do not douse the swab so that it drips into your mouth. Just use enough so that it easily transfers onto the area. It is better to use too little at first, as you can always reapply.

4. If you do get drips into your mouth, spit the excess out. Dont worry if you ingest a little, but try to keep to a minimum.

5. Try not to use more than every 2 hours. If you need to use more frequently, there may be some underlying problem that will need treatment.

6. You should get an almost instant relief, if not wait a few minutes before reapplying.

Of all the home remedies for toothache, we found clove oil to be the most effective.


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