I often get asked the question: Can a Toothache cause a Headache? I also get asked the same in reverse: Can a Headache cause toothache? Let us concentrate on the first question.

The simple answer to this is: YES a toothache can cause a headache in SOME cases. Similarly if you get a knock on the back of the neck or on your back it can cause a pain in your head.

The simple laymans explanation for this is simply all the neurological nerves through you spine up into the mouth and head are connected in some way.

I have experienced it, and it is common to have a headache after dental treatment. If you have a tooth or teeth extracted or you have fillings especially on the top set you will probably walk out with a headache. The first thing a lot of people do is go straight to the medicine cabinet for painkillers. Try to avoid this at all costs as you obviously know that the headache was caused by the treatment or the toothache so once the toothache is relieved or the offending tooth is removed .it will only be a matter of time before the headache will go.

The next question I get asked is how can I relieve a headache caused by toothache? As mentioned in the above paragraph, try to treat the toothache first and again try not to use painkillers as the first remedy. If you can, try to evaluate what has caused the toothache in the first instance. Is it a cavity or gum disease, or something else more serious? Or is it simply a reaction to eating or drining something extremely hot, cold or sweet? Or in other words have you got sensitive teeth? (please see our section on sensitive teeth).

Sensitive teeth can affect you at any time in your life as it is usually caused by some sort of degredation in the enamel. So you may have happily been eating ice cream or drinking red hot coffee all your life, when suddenly you do the exact same thing and it can cause a certain amount of pain in your teeth or gum, which can quickly be transferred to your head. Obviously this would be a case of sensitive teeth, so insread of pumping yourself with painkillers try to avoid the really hot or cold items or eat them in a different way, for instance using your tongue and the inside of your mouth to suck rather than bite the offending items.


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